Drill Instructor School


  • Are you interested in being an assistant instructor here in the Memphis area?
  • Are you interested in starting your own Battalion of USMC Fitness Boot Camp in your city?


Ideally you would be a former MARINE, but former outstanding soldiers, sailors, or airmen might be a good fit too.

The IDEAL candidate would not only be former military, a "fitness person" (certified trainer is encouraged, but not required), but would also have excellent people skills, a college degree (or working toward a degree), and possess above average communication skills, written and oral.

A great passion for fitness is great, but a genuine love for people is the key ingredient to success in this exciting and rewarding field!


If you are chosen to become a business partner with us, you will get EVERYTHING you'll need for success!

  • You'll receive training in every aspect of launching and sustaining a successful, fun, and very rewarding fitness business!
  • As a former active duty Marine, your "boot camp" will be the real deal, setting you apart from the "boot camps" conducted at health clubs, taught by last week's aerobics instructor. You've actually BEEN to Boot Camp! You'll maintain and promote the things that only those of us who've worn the uniform can offer!
  • You'll attend "DI School" here in Memphis for training and discover the "secret" to the success of this business.
  • After you return home from DI School, you'll receive ongoing training, assistance, consultation, and mentoring designed to help you achieve your goals!

When I started this program in 1999, I never expected it to become my life. I started USMC Fitness BOOT CAMP as a sideline job, something to do before I went to my "real" job of teaching history and coaching high school athletics. By 2002 growth had become phenomenal and USMC Fitness BOOT CAMP had become my life! I resigned from my teaching job and started doing this full time in the summer of 2002. I've never looked back! I absolutely love what I do!

If this sounds like something for you, if you're looking for a sideline job or a path to a new career, CONTACT ME and let me know of your interest in franchise opportunities! The cost of a USMC Fitness BOOT CAMP franchise is way less than you'd think! Way less!

All the best!

Semper Fi,